The Solution Is More Important

ACC Advocacy: Owning the Problems, Advancing Solutions - American College  of Cardiology

Everyone will face problems in life. Some people experience bad relationships, job loss, evictions, health issues, and loss of a loved one. However, the answer in facing each problem is to come up with a solution. A solution could be getting counseling, talking to someone you trust, exercising, and creating goals for your life. Solutions are the key to overcoming the storm you’re dealing with. Dealing with difficult situations are apart of life. As you continue to deal with your problems with the best solutions, you will be successful in managing those problems.

Identifying and recognizing the problem is important. Finding a solution is even better. The next time a problem shows up in your life, immediately start focusing on the solution because that will lead to success.

A Letter From Your Dreams



What happened to all the goals you wanted to accomplish back in January? Whatever happened to the vision board you created? How about the ideas you were excited about that could change your life, but was never turned into a reality? What about the idea of creating a better future for yourself and your family? What happened to the self improvement plan to be a better person? Didn’t you say, you wanted to eat right and exercise, so you can have a healthy lifestyle?

Perhaps, the problem is you’re too comfortable, engaging in laziness or entertaining procrastination. Maybe the comfort of where you are feels much better. You will always remain in this place until you do something to change your circumstances. Time is of the essence and it’s important to be serious about changing your life.


Your Dreams

Strategic Moves

Opening_chess_position_from_black_side.jpg (3190×2196)

One thing I do know about a storm is that a storm will eventually come to an end and life will continue to go on. The world as it is right now will try to get back to normal, however some things may not return. Certain job industries might be gone forever and businesses are thinking about how to make a come back.

Some people who are suffering at this moment are also thinking about what to do next. Serious decisions have to be made for the future and for your business. Businesses are having challenges too.

The reason why I like playing chess is because the game teaches you how to think ahead and problem solve before you make a move. Whatever your next move is going forward in life make sure it’s well thought out, strategically planned, and takes you to where you want to go in the future.