Don’t Get Comfortable


Some people reach a certain level in life and become a little too relaxed and too satisfied. They feel they have accomplished all that there is to accomplish and there is no need to strive for anything more. Their hunger to accomplish more out of life no longer exist and they end up reaching a plateau by remaining comfortable. For example, a boxer who finally wins the heavyweight title, might not be as hungry as he was before winning because now he is a champion. The boxer becomes too relaxed as the new champion and he doesn’t realize he has to stay hungry to keep the title.

A plateau is defined as a state or level of little to no growth or decline. A plateau can happen in your career, relationship, and personal development. If you’re not careful, laziness can occur. Some people can get comfortable by remaining comfortable and end up staying in the same place in life. If you don’t want to hit a plateau and your tired of getting too comfortable, then consider the three points below.

1) Never Lose Your Hunger For Wanting More In Life. Always ask yourself, What vision do I have for my future? What else can be accomplished? Do I have the hunger for more?

2) Continue to Set Goals.  After you reach a goal, set new goals by writing them down and making it happen. Having an action plan is essential in meeting each goal.

3) Be honest with yourself? Are you really comfortable, satisfied, and happy at this present moment in life? If you’re not, then it’s time to do something about it. Make sure accomplishing a goal every day is put into action. This will ensure progress and success is the result of each goal achieved.



Turn Into The Incredible Hulk When It Comes To Reaching Your Goals.

I love comic books and superheros. I love reading the different stories of how they received their powers. I also enjoy watching the new movies and learning how the characters changed when they realized the new strength and powers they possessed.

One of my favorite characters is the Incredible Hulk. I like him because the angrier he gets the stronger he gets. When the Incredible Hulk becomes outraged, he destroys every thing in his path. This is great because it helps him defeat his enemies and save the day.

When some people think of anger they automatically thing of something bad. Being angry is not always a bad thing, however it can be good. For example, you can become angry about homelessness, poverty or any cause that you feel strongly about and desire to see a change.

You can become angry with yourself! This happens when you fail to follow through on goals that you have set. It is this the type of anger that makes a person upset with their circumstances or situations. They look at themselves and when they don’t see a change it makes the angry, where they want to take action to reach their goals.

You should get angry when you don’t see change. When you are not writing, trying to lose weight, skipping the gym, or any goal that you have set and are not pursuing. It should make you angry when you see that you are stuck in the same place you were the previous year.

It is time for us to improve ourselves and become better people. We need to turn into the Incredible Hulk, where we are so angry, that we destroy the things in our path that are stopping us. And we need to go after our goals in an unstoppable manner!

Five Actions That Must Be Taken in 2018 To Stay Focused On Your Goals

A brand new year is a week away and it’s important to stay focused in order to accomplish set goals. The mind is very powerful and when focused it can help a person hit any set target. Below are five action steps that must be taken to stay focused.

1) Eliminate distractions. Get rid of anything that distracts you from reaching your goals. For example, distractions can include social media, television, or a relationship (Relationships can be good or bad). In order to stay focused, spend less time on certain activities or even cut some people off that hinder you from reaching your goal.

2) Go after what you want. Thinking about what you want, where you want to be, and how you see yourself next year is very important. This thought process stimulates the mind to think of ways to go after that vision. Then, writing down how you will get there helps create a plan to execute the vision.

3) Get in the game. There is no such thing as winning from the sideline. Mentally, a person must get in the game of life and play to win. Stop procrastinating, energize your body, mind, and go out there and play.

4) Make changes in 2018. Be honest with yourself. Sometimes, changes and adjustments need to be made, in order to enhance performance.

5) Compete with Yourself. In every area of life become a better version of yourself. Challenge yourself to take it up a notch. Make a decision to do more, learn more, and grow more, in all areas of your life. If you’re in a relationship, be a better husband, wife, partner, parent, and friend.

I hope you have a great 2018!