Police Stops-Uncomfortable Feeling

Q&Amy: Stopped by police? Your rights and responsibilities

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of young black men. One of the questions that was asked were, What do you do as a young black man, while driving and you are stopped by a white police officer? I thought that was a great question, especially when you see white police officers killing black men and women on the news. As a black man in America getting stopped by the police is a very uncomfortable feeling. Below is my list of what to do if your a black man or black woman and your stopped by the police.

  1. Pull over and turn your car off and put your hands on the steering wheel.
  2. If you get stopped by the police at night, turn your inside light on. Turning your inside light on will let the police officer know you have nothing to hide, and it might make them feel safe. Some police officers are scared to death, while approaching a car. They want to get home safely to their family too.
  3. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and in plain view at all times.
  4. When the officer approaches your car and he or she ask for your driver license, ask them is it okay to get your license before you make any moves.
  5. Remain calm and don’t verbally argue with the police officer no matter the reason for the traffic stop. There are other ways to fight a battle and the goal is to survive and make it back home to your family.

Thank You! The Devil

I really appreciate everyone and I would like to give a standing ovation for helping me destroy the world and kill people. Thank you for making my job easier because I can definitely hurt and kill more people with a team.

Thank you for taking prayer out of schools. I can continue to manipulate the minds of the depressed, low self-esteemed, bullied children, and teenagers who have access to guns. There is nothing stopping me from having the children and teenagers enter a school with their guns, with the main objective in the mind to kill as many people as they can.

Thank you pastors and church leaders for not teaching god’s word from the pulpit. Continue to air your own opinions and take people’s money. Church has been reduced to nothing more than a comedy show with emotionalism. People are weak when they go to church and they are weak when they leave church. Church has no power. Leaders are doing a great job. The building fund your contributing to is funding my kingdom.

Thank you to all the people who are prideful, arrogant and angry who have hate in their mind and heart. I greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I will see you in hell. I have to go now, I see an opportunity to use my influence to steal, kill and destroy, it is happening right now!

Please follow my action plan down below, so you can contribute toward my plan to destroy the people in the world.

Action Plan

  1. Continue to hate each other. The hatred in a heart is what causes people to kill. Hate more and hate often.
  2. Always Be Selfish and Think Of Yourself Only. Selfish people will get over on anyone just for their own pleasure and advancement in life. Never care about anyone else.
  3. Continue to make other things in this world and in your life, your God. Continue to worship money, yourself, your career, your car, women, men, sex, and everything else that gives you pleasure in life.
  4. Think of Ways To Hurt Other People. For example, prey on the weak and look for opportunities to get over on others. Watch people and strike at the right moment, especially when you see someone distracted by their cell phone.

This is the best life ever!


The Devil