What Is More Important?

Time clock typographic clock with written time black and white | Etsy

When I watch movies I like to see the year the movie was released, so I can see how long ago it was. For example, if a movie came out two or three years ago, I realize how fast those years went by. Some years went by so fast it’s even hard to remember what happened that year. Time periods and years are outdated like a cell phone that recently came out.

It also seems like everything is designed to take your time away from you. Breaks are shorter at work with longer working days. Social media has made notifications and the like button so addictive, some people will spend hours seeking validation. Time has become so important with social sites, they now allow users to see how much time was spend on the app. Imagine having more time for yourself, so you can do the things you love. To manage your time consider the following.

  1. Keep a track of your time and monitor where it’s going.
  2. Control the clock. You cannot stop time, but you can control how you use it.

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