One Star Customer Service

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Have you ever went to a place of business and the customer service was bad? How does it make you feel when your needs are not met, your food is not prepared right or the overall customer service experience was just terrible? Most people when they receive bad service, will not return to that place of business ever again. They will also tell other people about their bad experience. Poor customer service is when a business fails to take care of their customers and they take customers for granted.

I do understand within a business it is impossible to make all customers happy, however even though you may not have helped the customer, you still can point them in the right direction. Your intention can be good and the direction you lead the customer will lead them to the help they need.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, sales associate, and the way that you make  your money is depended upon other people spending their money, then customer service should be extremely important to you. Without customers spending their money a business will end up on life support and eventually the business will die.

If  a business can’t live without customers, then taking care of your customers should be the number one priority. The service that you give to your customers, is it one star service or five star service? There is a big difference between a one star hotel versus a five star hotel. Which hotel would you rather spend the night? If you desire to take your customer service up a notch, then consider the following point:


  1. Take Care Of Your Customers. Ask them how they are doing today?
  2. Exceed the expectations of you customers. Exceeding your customers expectation is when your prepared ahead of time for the things they may need.
  3. Treat your customers like the most important person in the world. When you value someone you really treat them special. For example, if  you see any person you love, respect or admire, then you will treat them differently.
  4. Appreciate your customers. Appreciate the customers spending money with you. The customers money should never be taken for granted. Customers can feel when they are appreciated.

7 thoughts on “One Star Customer Service

  1. Good post. Sounds like we are of a like mind about customer service. I have close to 30 years of customer facing experience, so treating the customer with respect and empathy was ingrained in me. But as a consumer, I much prefer doing business with an establishment that provides good customer service. When a place provides poor service, you feel undervalued.

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  2. As a customer service professional, I agree with this buuutt. When do we recognize that some people expect to be entertained by the customer service representative? I do agree the customer’s needs are to be met, 100% but I am finding people want more and more about your personal life and that exhausts me because I separate the two. I’ve noticed it affecting my income stream and it is aggravating. I smile, small chat, and work…that’s all I have time for because I have many customers to serve. I have also noticed a huge slack in work ethic these days so it could be the two combined that are making me disgruntled.

    Great post.

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  3. Nothing annoys me more than bad customer service. Whenever I experience it, I always remind myself to be better than that cause good karma is always waiting.

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