Don’t Get Comfortable


Some people reach a certain level in life and become a little too relaxed and too satisfied. They feel they have accomplished all that there is to accomplish and there is no need to strive for anything more. Their hunger to accomplish more out of life no longer exist and they end up reaching a plateau by remaining comfortable. For example, a boxer who finally wins the heavyweight title, might not be as hungry as he was before winning because now he is a champion. The boxer becomes too relaxed as the new champion and he doesn’t realize he has to stay hungry to keep the title.

A plateau is defined as a state or level of little to no growth or decline. A plateau can happen in your career, relationship, and personal development. If you’re not careful, laziness can occur. Some people can get comfortable by remaining comfortable and end up staying in the same place in life. If you don’t want to hit a plateau and your tired of getting too comfortable, then consider the three points below.

1) Never Lose Your Hunger For Wanting More In Life. Always ask yourself, What vision do I have for my future? What else can be accomplished? Do I have the hunger for more?

2) Continue to Set Goals.  After you reach a goal, set new goals by writing them down and making it happen. Having an action plan is essential in meeting each goal.

3) Be honest with yourself? Are you really comfortable, satisfied, and happy at this present moment in life? If you’re not, then it’s time to do something about it. Make sure accomplishing a goal every day is put into action. This will ensure progress and success is the result of each goal achieved.



4 thoughts on “Don’t Get Comfortable

  1. What if you’re satisfied with your plateau though? What if your plateau is your ultimate goal? What’s with all the “be more”, ” do more” stuff? It’s okay to be content. We don’t always have to be on the chase. It’s okay to be happy with what you have already accomplished.


    1. There is nothing wrong with being satisfied with your plateau but this article was written for people who want to continue adding value to life itself. This value can come in the form of creating or having goals to mentor someone else, goals to travel, or start something new, etc. There are people who have daily goals or goals they want to see get done in an hour. Creating goals or wanting to accomplish goals does not mean a person is on the chase or not content, it can merely mean someone who is living, instead of choosing to exist. It also can mean someone who wants to give back to others, so their accomplishments don’t just stop with themselves. Instead, they want to be a blessing to others. Each person knows where they want to be in life but this article challenges those to think beyond just being accomplished.


      1. I hear you, Mr. Bullard…There are pros and cons to everything, I suppose. I could go on but I won’t. I respect your position. However, I will leave you with this – We are now living in a society of burnouts because of our “never enough” attitudes, and that to me is a sad state of affairs.

        Again, I respect your position. Not my mindset but to each his own. Have a good day.


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