Do Not Kill Yourself! 

As I scroll down my news feed and timeline on social media, I see a lot of workout and exercise videos. The videos are important because they motivate people to get in shape and improve their health. The one hashtag that I constantly see is the no days off hashtag. I understand being in the gym is important and if you want to see results you have to be consistent. I agree with the mindset of the beast mentality in the gym, but you will kill yourself, if you do not take a day off and recharge your battery.

You have to take one or two days off, in order to rest mentally and physically. Shut your body down, by getting rest. This will allow you to recuperate and reach your fitness goals. Some people do not reach their fitness goals because they do not take the time off to relax. Achieving your goals and getting the proper rest at the same time is essential in maintaining your health.  Don’t kill yourself!

Below are five examples on how to recharge your battery:

  1. Altar your thinking.  Stop thinking about work and the gym. Think about was you can relax.
  2. Set time aside. Every week, have a day set aside that is specifically for relaxing. This should be a day where you do absolutely nothing.
  3. Book a massage. The same way you take care of your car, should be the same way, you take care of your body.
  4. Sleep well. Go to bed at a decent time and enjoy being unconscious.
  5. Look in the mirror. Picture yourself, in the picture, I posted and make it a reality.

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