Don’t Neglect Your Relationship Goals For 2018

As I look on social media, I currently see all the 2018 New Year Goals that people are making for themselves.  I see a lot of gym post and how people want to improve their health and get in shape. I think it’s great. One goal I believe that should be on your list especially if you’re in a relationship or married is to be a better husband, wife, partner and teammate. You should want to improve yourself to be better within your relationship.  I barely see any post on social media of how someone want to be a better husband, wife, partner, friend and teammate. How many people actually do a self-evaluation on themselves at the beginning of the New Year when it comes to their close relationship?

Some people fail to do a self-evaluation when it comes to a relationship, because some people think they do not have a problem and it’s always the other person. You can always improve yourself in your relationship.  As you make your New Year Resolutions and you make a list of all the things you want and desire in 2018 do not neglect your relationship. Improve yourself in your relationship and make it a goal to strive to be a better husband, wife, partner teammate and friend.

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